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Making Dens

I was going through all my research notes and images from my time at Art School (back in 2012). I came across this documentation from an experimental photo installation, which I would really like to re-visit again and develop...

The room is transformed into a space, which resembles an overgrown garden or an abandoned garden shed. Stockings have been cut up and stretched around frames and the surrounding walls to eventually fill the whole space. The room is darkened, and selective imagery is projected onto different areas of the fabric assemblage. The stretched stockings are thin and ideal to capture the image, and to allow it to carry on to create multi layers, which become out of focus and allows the viewer to experience different perspectives.

Holes and ladders occur in the tights due to the constant stretching and reworking of the material, which allow different areas of the image to project through. When the installation is set up, the stockings become hard to identify, and the details of the featured image are visible. The context of the piece refers to the playful and homemade, but also loss and ageing.

Each image shows the age and neglect of the landscape, and this is presented onto material, which has gone through a similar process.

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