I use this platform to express my relationship with the daily conflicts that surround me. 


My art practice is in an ongoing state of flux. I create dreamscapes using basic necessities, the overlooked and the things that keep me alive.

Using digital photography combined with the physicality of painting, analogue processes and found materials, this easily allows me to play with the physicality of the chosen subject matter. 


I purposely manipulate each image in order to illustrate the freedoms now possible due to digitalization, but also still referring to the traditional materiality of the photographic medium (analogue) with painting and printmaking techniques.


By using alternative methods beyond the photographic print, I want to extinguish this notion that image and film has to be flawless. This expectation leaves no mystery; it is instead fully presented in front of you. By using physical elements, such as water, ink and other found materials, the outcome brings it closer and seems more real to us, as we ourselves have imperfections - in the midst of this chaos we find ourselves in.


My name is Eleanor. 
CCA Alumni.



Fine Art