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I am a fine artist combining photography with alternative processes such as painting and embellishment with found materials. I discovered my practice whilst I studied BA Fine Art at Loughborough University from 2008. I then went to further my studies in a Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2012. Since then, I have continued creating and exhibiting throughout the UK.

Through my process I create dreamscapes, depicting morphed realities of tangible material form and perception. I physicality alter digital representations of carefully chosen places that hold historical value or a reference to the natural world, such as gardens and monuments that may be in danger of becoming forgotten or left behind. I want to explore how these scenes sit in an ever-changing climate by almost dissolving the image, I manipulate it to a state where it’s almost unrecognisable. By doing this I hope to propose the urgency to preserve these landmarks and hold on to their histories.


An important factor in this process is that there is still a chance for the ‘happy mistake’. Something unpredictable almost beyond my conscious intention conceiving a surprise of spontaneous originality. I want to extinguish this notion that image, and film has to always be flawless. In resisting this utopian ideology, which leaves no room for imperfection (and possibly hinders creativity), it is possible to produce something original and stimulating.


My name is Eleanor. 
CCA Alumni.



Fine Art

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